The Dice Game By Mistress Duvel

The Dice Game By Mistress Duvel

The Dice game by Victoria Duvel:

Mercy is not an option, there is No cut off password.

Extreme torture tactics, Ex-SAS, Military, Comado’s, Special forces welcome.

I love working with you guys, your pain threshold is amazing.



1#You are to kneel on the floor and I mistress will place a bowl in front of you.  Mistress then squats in front of your face and pisses into the bowl. She then places 2 dice into the bowl.


2#In front of the bowl she places 12 cards face down with numbers 1-12 on them.


3#On the other side mistress I have written things to with which to punish you.


4#OR mistress could write things that you need to do to pleasure her.


There are 12 cards in all a mixture of pleasure and punishment cards.


6#Slave has to retrieve the dice with his mouth and place them on a towel or mat next to the bowl.


7#The number corresponds to the item or card number.

8#Mistress then places both dice back into the bowl and slave takes one out again with his mouth and drops it.


The number on a scale of 1-6 and is the severity of the punishment to be received.  The second dice is removed and dropped and the number multiplied by the first dice is the number of times the punishment is to be received (maximum 36) for servitude or other suggestions mistress may have could relate to time.

Example: 1×4=4 4minutes of flogging with the cat of nine tails or 4 times I may choose to give you 4 of my best full power cane strokes. The card pending.



This game can be  played in any time limit from 1 to 3 hours.  Book this session ONLY if you are prepared to submit 100 PERCENT


Glad cling, slice plastic areas of you open and electrocute you

Immobilised with glad cling, slice an opening for your mouth and nose, face sitting suffocation 30sec on 30sec off

Balloon popping blindfolded  and scare tactics

Cock and balls tied, pull back foreskin, expose head

Toothpick torture

Nipple clamps

Pegs cock clamps

Needle play x20 into your leg or back

Ice torture, anus and nipples

Anal play, prostrate milking

Pinwheel nipple and cock torture

Over the knee spanking

Belt, paddle and twaise

Hot wax, dripped on nipples and cock

Bondage rope, tied down and raped

Pro touch vibrator deep arse penetrator

Urethra sounds, cock slit penetration

Ball torture, biting, nail scraping

Piss in panties squatting face, smear wet panties on his face, stuff in mouth, glolden shower

Cock whip single tail

Floggers, blue floppy, red cock, cat of nine tails

Cross-dressing and slut training

Deep throat, cock training, numerous devices

Forced consumption, even that I find distasteful, I will spit it into a bowl and you will EAT at my feet

Body Bitting

Forced amyl snorting

Scratching sounds, scratch him

Bondage and body slapping head to foot standing

Urethra sounds

Violet wand, orgasm by electrocution

Cock pump torture

Bad-boy butt plug g-spot locator

Strap-on 10inch flesh, 8 inch black boy, 6inch blue tip

Blindfolded light b&d with humiliation

Cropped and canned, numerous




Ball sucking torture

Deep rimming

Worship pussy

Drink mistresses golden wine

Lovely honey nectar, female squirt

Ginger Insertion, anus and pee-hole

Dirty talk, cock punishment

Water sports, toilet training

Medical scenes

Body slides

Deep tissue pain Massage

Tickling to tears, bondage