Lifestyle Larry & Mistress Duvel

Lifestyle Larry & Mistress Duvel

Lobster  Larry’s Lot.

Lifestyle Larry is Mistress Duvel’s favourite chained  slave.


This entails him attending  Mistress on a daily basis.


The following is a typical day for Larry.






It is 7.00 am and Larry has prepared breakfast for Mistress.


He taps lightly on the bedroom door.


MD. Come in Larry..


LL. Good morning Mistress.


MD. Morning Larry….ooh Cajun potato omelette with seafood…splendid.


LL. Hope you enjoy it Mistress…


MD. You have not failed yet Larry…. I may enter you in Master-chief and make a few dollars out of you.


LL. Yes Mistress. I will create a dish in your name….we could appear as a team. You could just sit there with a whip in your hand.

Ratings might improve!


MD.  Something with whipped cream in the dish…would that be too subtle?


LL. Not if it incorporates beaten eggs too..


As the banter continued, a well established routine had commenced.

Larry peeled back the blankets and sheets from Mistress. With her long, brown limbs stretched out before her, LL lovingly cradled her right foot in his left hand and gently kneaded the toes with his right. Mistress thoroughly enjoyed this start to the day.

Larry for his part,took quiet satisfaction in the feline and sensual look on the face of his Mistress. This combined with the morning after sleep scent of his mistress always made the early start to his day an utterly satisfying duty.

Larry swapped to the left foot and Mistress rested her right in Larry’s crotch.

She knew full well Larry enjoyed this and had every intention of taking advantage.

You see, Larry had certain privileges not afforded to other slaves.

Mistress used him for her sexual needs and she was feeling peppery this morning…. it is well attested to that a good sleep is nature’s most effective restorative.


MD. Larry…I am in the need of some attention.


Larry was well versed. He immediately placed mistress’s foot on the bed and moved without haste to the source of Mistress’s morning itch.

He first placed the heel of his hand on the clitoral area of Mistress and with slow circular motions, re-introduced Mistress to her sleepy state.

Putting the breakfast tray aside, Mistress lay back and closed her eyes.

Larry had exceptional touch….the pressure on her clit was both maddening and exquisite… a few minutes more and she

would tug his head downwards and have his mouth and tongue bring her the pleasure she craved.

Larry continued his ministrations until a tug on his ear indicated the next step.

He slowly nibbled along the inner thigh area of his Mistress until his mouth finally reached it’s destination.

With a light touch, he rubbed his lips on Mistress’s pussy. He slowly increased the pressure and watched MD’s eyes half close.

However, while Mistress was luxuriating in all of this, she also felt a little contrary and business-like this morning and decided that she would save her pleasure for the evening.

She had the prospect of  a busy day of slave training to consider.

Besides, as much she treasured Larry and his servitude, she perversely enjoyed keeping him on his toes…in effect, on permanent probation.

She gently pushed his head back…


MD. OK Larry…we will save this for the evening.


LL. Yes Mistress. Have you finished your breakfast.


MD. Yes Larry. I have 2 of my regulars today and I am becoming jaded with them. I intend to test their boundaries so I need some quiet to time to mull over some ideas. I will call you when I need you.


Larry retires to the kitchen and commences his his domestic duties.

Larry enjoys this part of his duties immensely…keeping the apartment in pristine condition, the fridge stocked well and ensuring all the accoutrements of Mistress’s livelihood are in order and available.

Larry is beckoned…


MD. Larry – bathroom floor.


LL. Yes Mistress.


When going to the toilet in the morning, Mistress enjoys resting her feet on a warm slave instead of the cold and

uninviting tiling.

Larry has performed this role on innumerable occasions and always appreciates the intimacy of the moment.

He lies down in the exact position that affords MD the most comfort.

Mistress sits on the toilet, places her feet on LL’s chest and flicks through a magazine.

Larry hears the steady stream of Mistress’s urine and is always aroused by this.

He awaits as an almost inaudible groan passes the lips of Mistress….a solid slapping sound followed by another

emanates from the toilet and the heady aroma of Mistress’s shit reaches his nostrils.

Mistress is fit, healthy and eats well and to Larry, this is why her shit always smells earthy and never foul.


MD. can wipe me now and then shower me .


MD rises, turns around and presents her lovely bum to Larry. He does not serve as her toilet paper or toilet slave

(Mistress has a few trusted slaves who perform that role) but cleans her in the traditional manner.

Kneeling behind MD, he gently rubs her soiled hole and once satisfied, disposes of the paper

and flushes the toilet.

Mistress is of course, above all this type of menial and pedestrian task.

Larry next runs the shower and then tests the water temperature.

MD steps in and Larry now has the enviable duty of soaping the lithe body of his Mistress.

Larry takes an inordinate amount of time to complete the process.

Mistress is well aware of this but is prepared to indulge her slave.

Besides, it is a pleasurable time in which to do some thinking.

Larry works his fastidious way from MD’s feet, up her calves and shins, her inner thighs and then her flat tummy.

Mistress is always touched when Larry, always at this point, pretends to clean her belly-button.

A tingling sensation nibbles it way around her stomach when Harry does this and she considers it cute and quirky

the way Larry concentrates fiercely on this small feature of her body….




The sight and texture of the lightly scented soap bubbles on his mistress’s always intoxicates Larry.

This is particularly in the case when he turns Mistress slowly around and applies some lotion

to the small of her back and watches the creamy trail cover her perfectly round buttocks.

He dallies here with small circular motions, hands working in unison.

Eventually, and mindful of the time, Larry moves to the shoulders, neck and back and combines soaping with a little

massage here and there.

With her light brown skin displaying a rosy hue, Mistress steps out the shower and happily undergoes

a vigorous drying off.

A light lotion is next applied and Larry’s work in the bathroom is done…..


MD. While I am applying my make-up, can you test my violet wand?


LL. Yes…and what boots and shoes will you be using today?


MD. The thigh high boots…my boy in the first session loves them…and then I think the pixie boots

for the second. A get that big monster of a black dildo out as well…session one has being flirting with the idea

of an industrial strength bum bonking for some time. Your cajun omelette and shower has me

fired up.


LL. Uh oh..I had better get the ball gag out in case he screams the place down!


MD. I will make sure he won’t…I intend to clamp his tongue with a dozen clothes pegs before

the fun begins. I haven’t had a good workout for a while.

And he had better had an enema before he turns up…. a shitty Mistress is an infinitely

more unpleasant prospect than a shitty dildo.


LL. Basic law of nature that.


MD. Right off you go…otherwise I may warm up on you!


LL. I’m gone!



Part 2 coming soon with the rest of Larry’s day

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